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Skia An Indestructible Lie By Arindam Bandyopadhyay Book Review


Skia An Indestructible Lie By Arindam

Skia An Indestructible Lie By Arindam Bandyopadhyay Book Review 

Skia An Indestructible Lie By Arindam Bandyopadhyay is a story about two people Avinash and Alik These guys are not connected to each other in any way except for the fact that they both live in Mumbai and they are both struggling in their respective lives both of their love lives are not going good and both of their careers are not really taking off properly 

So Alik wanted to go into movies he wanted to become a director and Avinash wanted to become an author However both these people are not able to live their dreams they have to make do with what they are able to get 

So Alik is a journalist and Avinash has got a job as an editor in a startup in a new company on the face of it this story seems simple enough but it is actually quite a complex story 

It's a story about Avinash discovering the power of his mind what one's mind can achieve what catastrophe trophies and what phenomenal things can be made possible if one knows how to harness the power of one's mind 

Now this particular theme has been explored through Avinash's character and this is the reason why this story is not very simple to understand You have to really really read it with a lot of concentration and when I was reading 

This book it took me quite a lot of time to finish it it took me around 25 days to finish this book even though it's not a super lengthy book it's around 439 Pages you cannot understand this book by skimming through the pages 

I never recommend skimming through books anyway but in the case of this book in particular you really really have to leave everything aside and get into it to understand what this book is trying to convey and majorly 

What this book is trying to convey is the struggle that Avinash has to face to find out the purpose of life the meaning of life in fact this imagery on the cover of this book is quite apt to describe the subject of this book because it literally the mind and the hands reaching out of it 

Like literally your mind can control the external events around you that's the subject of this book so all together this becomes a pot and a mix of things that are both easy to understand but at the same time can be mind-boggling This book has a lot of characters actually 

We get to read about Avinash's aloof neighbours we get to read about Avinash's boss Guru and then there is this mysterious lady who shows up at his workplace in short a lot is going on in this book in fact it starts with a league finding out about some bomb blasts and him getting calls from people 

Who suffered because of these bomb blasts there are a lot of things happening in the story so you really really have to keep up with what is happening 

So there were certain portions and parts in the book that were very very interesting and fascinating there were certain internal monologues and certain arguments presented by the character that made the book and put downable in Those portions 

But this was not uniform throughout the book in fact for the most part this book was a slow read and that too are deliberately slow one because there were certain very heavy topics that were being dealt with in this book through Avinash's character 

It's like whatever doubts and whatever questions you've had about the power of your mind if you feel that you cannot spare the time to delve into those thoughts because it's a very complex process you can literally go for this book 

To live that process through Avinash's Journey one thing that this book does very well is how it touches upon the topic of feeling lonely and being left out in the cold because both the characters Avinash, as well as a leak, are two people who have been rejected by the world or so it seems like when you read their stories 

So if you feel totally lonely and if you resonate with that kind of feeling then if you read this book you will be able to appreciate how well that has been talked about in this book so I did not end up having a favourite character in this book but what I can say is that I did feel for the characters in this book 

So in that manner, the characters were fleshed out well as for Avinash's character he infuriated me a lot I did not like his character I can't say that I hated him but I definitely found him annoying from time to time and then there was a leak 

I don't know what I feel about a leak To be honest it's a little bit difficult to say again I am not exactly fond of his character but I did sympathize with him this is a very well-written book 

I mean that has to be mentioned as very very gripping and very beautifully written and even though the subject of the book is complex it has been presented in a language that is very impressive and you can't help but take note of that to sum 

This book deals with a very different topic in a manner that is beautifully grip but at the same time this book drags if you are looking to read about the power of one's mind about how a man can get confused by his own mind through his own powers and how he struggles to find the meaning of life amidst 

All this then definitely you can go for this book that was my review of Skia an Indestructible Lie by Arindham.

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